Boston, MA
+1 (603) 686 3733

Nicholas Pfosi is a documentary photographer, web designer and filmmaker whose personal work explores the romantic lives of queer men living at the intersections of drug culture, the Internet, and the media. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Child Studies and Human Development and a minor in Multimedia Arts from Tufts University in Boston (USA) before studying photography at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus (Denmark).

Nicholas's training and approach is grounded in a longform, narrative-driven way of working o both documentary and commercial projects. He values fairness, honesty and compassion in his reporting and always questions his assumptions. Narrative is central to his work, which uses text, photographs, video, "found media" and the web to create research-based media projects centered around individuals and their experiences for a variety of audiences. These projects are often collaborative. Nicholas hopes his work contributes to the subversion of social stigma, building towards a more just world.

Nicholas is available for commission, specializing in editorial photography, video production, and digital communications consulting.