where boys can be boys


Where boys can be boys, with no iPhones in sight

While working for the Boston Globe over the summer of 2017 I was sent to the Lakes Region in New Hampshire to photograph an all boys summer camp. The following is the opening graf to the accompanying news story written by Thomas Farragher with a selection of my photographs.

"ORFORD, N.H. — As the gathering dusk surrenders to a warm summer night, constellations take their timeless forms in an ink-black sky and Port Miller stands before a lakefront campfire and tells the Legend of the Great White Ape that attacks a summer camp — a boys’ camp just like this one.

Before him, boys in a tight circle sit rapt. There are no visual aids. There are no parents around. There isn’t an iPhone in sight.

It’s just Miller, the quiet night, the still lake, and the boys’ imaginations. And it’s magic.

Text by Thomas Farragher.
Find the original article here.

Orford, NH - 7/17/17 - Campers head down to dinner during a rainy afternoon at Camp Moosilauke on Monday, July 17, 2017. Because of the weather, the power was temporarily knocked out but campers continued on with flash lights, hardly missing a beat. (Nicholas Pfosi for The Boston Globe)

Orford, NH - 7/17/17 - Lucas Raskin, who was telling a joke, celebrates the return of the sudden return of the power after a brief outage.

Orford, NH - 7/17/17 - Bobby Kwon, whose birthday was today, reads a letter from his family.

Orford, NH - 7/18/17 - John Robins reads in the morning on Tuesday, July 18, 2017. Camp Moosilauke is the oldest continually operated camp in New Hampshire, founded in 1904.

Orford, NH - 7/18/17 - Long-time friends Jacob Smith, right, and David Falis hang out during a sunny morning at Camp Moosilauke.

Orford, NH - 7/18/17 - Campers swim out to the speedboat for wake surfing.

Orford, NH - 7/18/17 - Oliver Cauette wake surfing with his fellow campers.

Orford, NH - 7/18/17 - Bill Miller flips a canoe before taking campers out wake surfing.