Bidding farewell to the Boston Globe

Last Friday my time at the Boston Globe came to an end. The mentorship and guidance I received there will stay with me and I'm so thankful to my mentor Keith Bedford, editor Bill Greene, and all the other staff members who worked with me throughout the summer (and tolerated my mistakes). The Globe has been my third newspaper internship and I'm walking away with new skills, new experiences and a new professional family. 

Below are a selection of pictures from my assignments over the past few months.

Semester at the Danish School of Media and Journalism Part I

It’s been a terrific semester at DMJX. From the professors and students, to Aarhus and Copenhagen, coming here has been profoundly educational and inspiring. I’ve found stories I’m passionate about, met great people and even produced a print magazine with my classmates (see below, apologize about the low res copy). While it’s definitely easier to let the pictures do the talking, through my program’s assignments I’ve worked on stories ranging from a part-time student DJ, to LGBT refugees struggling to integrate. And for me, it is particularly the stories of other queer people that touch home.

Outside of the stories I’ve also started falling in love again with film, particularly square-medium format pictures. Through the school we have access to a Mamiya 6 which is in great condition, so I included some practice frames of my friends here (plus a dog). I also used it for the magazine project to make portraits of the newcomers I worked with. If you have the time, take a look at all the photos below.

This story is about Dan and Martin, two gay fathers who are raising Ellen, their daughter, despite lingering stigma and misunderstandings about what it means to be gay and have a family. 

Andor Füzi, a student studying marketing in Aarhus, is passionate about DJ'ing. When he's not in class or working at Clemens, a high-end restaurant downtown, he's playing sets or mixing music for fun.

Halloween and Haiti

Tonight was the third annual Belmont High Haunted House, put on by student Devan O'Toole. Every year since he was a sophomore, Devan, now a senior, seeking to leave a mark on his high school, organized the haunted house for the community to help raise money for important causes. This year it's for the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation. 

Flint the seal

Flint the seal

Earlier this month I reached out to the Mystic Aquarium to learn more about their animal rescue program where they rehabilitate all kinds of animals, but mostly seals and sea turtles. During my visit I met Flint, the main character in our story, who was brought to the clinic with severe wounds presumably inflicted by a shark. He was rescued after good Samaritans called the rescue clinic's hotline. I was able to accompany Flint and his crew of caregivers on the morning of his release.

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